Passion Pusher is an online marketplace for locals to find

proudly South African, passion-driven businesses and lifestyle solutions, in the following industries:










After 7 years in the branding, digital and design industry we have noticed that there are lots of businesses out there who, like us, are so passionate about helping people with their skills and are happy to go the extra mile, but don’t always have the time or resources to push their brands.


We are looking for these kinds of passionate solopreneurs and businesses for a FREE directory listing on our website. We want to shine a light on some of the smaller brands in our communities that really love what they do, and openly display that love to their customers every time.


If that’s you, send an e-mail with your business profile and contact details to




We also offer in-house business solutions to newly started brands, who are looking for alternative ways to market their products and services in 2018.

Our in-house team of Passion Pushers live out their passions by exercising their skills and talents in the following areas:




While the purpose of a business is to make a profit, the purpose of a brand is to foster customer loyalty and emotional attachments that will lead to sustainable profits far into the future.


A strong, healthy brand is able to withstand pricing wars, transcend offers from new competitors and even overcome rare lapses in product or service excellence.


  • Brand Consulting
  • Ideation & Concepts
  • Brand Storytelling
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Building
  • Brand Management


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Have you hit a brick wall with your online marketing efforts? Break down the wall and make your digital marketing efforts a profitable asset instead of throwing your valuable budget down a bottomless pit.


Take your wildest ideas off that paper and let us turn them into a digital reality that will resonate with your target market and reach as much of your market share as your budget will allow.



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