Passion Pusher is SA’s leading cyber agency aimed at bridging the gap between freelancers and the corporate sector.






In 2014, Deloitte released a report stating the following:



80% of senior managers are not passionate about their work.


88% of employees don’t have a genuine passion for their work.


82% of employees do not feel that they work for compelling and engaging brands.








Most freelancers are horrible at practicing good customer service and / or closing sales – and we don’t blame them! We expect our freelancers to be passionate about their area of expertise – and not to stress themselves out about business functions that they have no interest in.


So, we take care of all their business admin by facilitating all the nitty gritty’s, giving your freelancer the freedom to focus 100% of his / her attention on delivering amazing work!




Companies typically have to charge an arm-and-a-leg for their services because they need to cover overhead costs like salaries, rent, computer equipment, advertising, insurance, etc.


As a cyber agency, Passion Pusher is able to give you super affordable rates because we do not have all those overheads to worry about! We earn our money by charging each freelancer a small fee, for the administration that we do for them and the work that we bring in for them.




We enlist only the most passionate and creative freelancers, who are hungry for real-life projects that they can add their skills to. We have enlisted over 100 freelancers from around the world to be at your service, carefully headhunted based on their:

  • Quality of service
  • Cost of service
  • Ability to communicate well, and timeously







What Others Have Said About Us?



    “We got a professional voiceover for our PBX system for a very reasonable price and in record time! We will definitely be using your services again!”

    Ryan P.
    Chief Technology Officer, Entbanc

    “We appreciate your insights on our branding. I feel you have accurately captured the essence of our brand and where we want to go.”

    Nancy M.
    Business Development Manager, Lead Afrika

    “Wow! That’s more affordable than I thought. I’m definitely going with your service.”

    David T.
    Creative Director, Suketchi