Event Co-ordinator Services


An event coordinator / planner is somebody who plans or co-ordinates all aspects of professional events and meetings. Event coordinators often secure event locations, arrange transportation and much more.


At Passion Pusher, we provide event co-ordinator services for parties, markets, business events, team building events, conferences and much more.

An event co-ordinator is responsible for ensuring that the planning of the event and the management of the event, go hand-in-hand. We take care of everything from planning your event, to execution and ensuring that your event is a success.


Our Event Co-Ordination Services Include:



  • selecting an overall theme for the event
  • developing a budget
  • selecting a venue
  • negotiating contracts
  • hiring external vendors
  • planning the menu
  • hiring a caterer
  • arranging for guest speakers or entertainment
  • coordinating transportation
  • choosing the color scheme
  • developing invitations
  • reserving a location for an event
  • coordinating outside vendors
  • developing a parking plan
  • designing emergency contingency plans
  • ensuring compliance with health and safety standards
  • managing staff responsible for each function
  • overseeing execution of an event
  • monitoring of the event
  • resolving event situations on site


During the course of the event, the events coordinator is on-site. She will monitor all activities, ensure staff is on task and make sure attendees of the event are satisfied with their experience.


Following the event, your events coordinator may review how the event went, conduct a satisfaction follow-up with the clients and review or pay bills.

Our events coordinators handle a large variety of events, ranging from professional meetings to exhibitions or conventions. Let our team of experienced professionals handle all the coordination of your event, so you can focus on those aspects that really matter.


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